Family Teamwork Triumphs

At the heart of Lady Dorothy Boutique is the lady Dorothy's great family. The business itself is owned and operated by Sheila Bryan Carter, who has been an independent woman business owner since 2002 and beyond.

Lady Dorothy Boutique, is a business she opened a few years ago dedicated to her late mother. She endeavors to run and maintain the business as something her mother would have approved of vs just going with whatever sells. Her mother was a very elegant woman and always very well dressed who carried herself like a true lady. According to her mother "anyone can be a woman, but it takes someone special to be a lady. Always be a lady." And it was thus Sheila named the store in her memory. 

Sheila Carter has gone well out of her way to be a great lady herself. She is singularly dedicated to created a safe work environment by providing opportunities for young women to succeed. 
Sheila has a very honest and straightforward approach to doing business. She sees great value and importance in developing personal connections with all of her customers. The majority of her customer base have been following her entrepreneur endeavors for quite some time. 
Not only is her business dedicated to her late family but also to her current. As all three of her children work in her stores. Often after the store has closed you will hear the delightful play of her grandchildren running throughout as the adults close up shop for the day. 
Sheila also has employees that frequently return to work for her because of belief in her cause and wanting to see her succeed in her endeavors. 
Interestingly enough it's a pretty rare thing to find family that can work this close together and you never hear arguing or hateful words. Sheila always manages to find a clever way to find a positive outcome to any negative situation.
So stop on in at Lady Dorothy Boutique even if that's only browsing online. Be a part of a unique experience and get treated and one thing is for certain, you definitely will get treated like family too!
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